SWS Case Studies

The Cove Centre, Macmillan Support, Truro

SWS worked with Kier Construction and the door supplier to provide a cost effective solution for this excellent project. This £2.8m building was an inspiration to provide the necessary resource for more than 21,000 people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Of which £1m was raised locally – a credit to all the amazing donors and fund raisers.

This facility provides a place of resource for people to come to when they need support through a difficult time and it will provide a wide range of services to makes sure people with cancer have the best quality of life they can to see them through the journey.

LRV’s (Light Reflective Values) was an issue of concern so, a matt silver aluminium range provided the necessary contrast. Together with overhead door closers to give the most efficient, easy action, so the building as easy as possible for person who may be in a weakened state to negotiate through door ways. Bathroom locks and the privacy turns, again with a smooth easy action, and in the event of need could be opened outwards for emergency access.

Very distinctive signage was used to give a bright non-institutional appearance.

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