SWS Case Studies

Liverpool Victoria Insurance, Emperor House, Exeter

SWS specified and supplied high quality stainless steel door furniture from the Döre Prestige Range to complement this unique 3 storey, 22,500 sq ft. building. Emperor House has a EPC A+ energy rating, which is extremely rare, making up just 0.06% entire stock within England and Wales. Emperor House, is amongst the most efficient commercial developments in the UK and achieved its EPC a+ rating for having the best insulation, being highly energy efficient and producing its own energy from onsite solar panels.

The building also benefits from a resilient data and electrical supply meaning the office can continue operating in a power cut. The Emperor House solar installation alone will generate more than 120,000kWh of electricity, sufficient clean energy to power the equivalent of 40 homes and save 57 tonnes of CO2 each year.

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